tourism Places to Visit in the City of Eternal Spring , Trujillo .

Chan Chan Citadel, the world’s largest mud , declared by UNESCO as World Heritage .

Huaca of the Sun and the Moon, archaeological remains of the Moche culture where polychromatic friezes of religious , military, civil life are appreciated.

El Brujo archaeological complex consists of three huacas :

Huaca Prieta , Huaca Cao and Huaca Partida which belong to different stages of the historical process .

museums : 

– Archaeological Museum of the National University of Trujillo.

– Museum of Modern Art.

– Archaeological Museum Cassinelli .

– Toy Museum , from pre-Columbian times to the present day .

– Cathedral Museum of religious clothing of colonial and republican era .

– Museum of Zoology, shows the diversity of wildlife in the three regions . Huanchaco , one of the busiest resorts in the north of the country due to its historical, religious and gastronomic richness ; where there are still the ancient craft of ” Caballito de Totora ” . historic center of the city of Trujillo, known Armas or Plaza Mayor , with a trace and colonial architecture prevails until today.