There are many ways to be “spiritual” without being religious

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This is called transference, and it something he should be aware of NOT doing while working with his clients. If this is part of his code of ethics, he could lose his license. There are many ways to be “spiritual” without being religious, so it inappropriate for any professional to recommend religion, especially a certain one.

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With the fast tracking of the Polavaram irrigation project on Godavari river, boosted by the 100% funding offered by the NDA government as part of the special package to AP, the Maoists have smelt an opportunity there. They feel it is an ideal situation to regain their sway in Telangana and Andhra as the project would displace 1.8 lakh people belonging to 277 villages, mostly the tribal areas in both the states, besides Chhattisgarh and Odisha. As part of reworking their strategy, the top Maoists had gathered in the Malkangiri forests and fell to the bullets of the police..

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