Just a few of the patches that Anton Ukrpatcher Oleshko has made for


Do you have an order that needs to be picked up?
We are home all

So comfortable and soft
Loving my new leggings <3
So is Sarge 😉

When we reach 1500 members we will draw another Leggings

If you need / want your items shipped PLEASE pm me your email and buy canada goose jacket cheap mailing address so I can invoice

Thanks for shipping them out so quickly! Love ’em! Honestly, for anyone who’s not bought these but is familiar with Lularoe, I really do like these

Hello, Me & My Sis, I wear the ‘Tween’ size leggings in the new ‘in-thing’ Thanks for your help!

Im looking for black and white/solid black leggings.

Parchment friends!!! Burgundy OS Leggings have arrived (as requested). You can find them in the OS Album #$14

These were a very fitting choice for cheap Canada Goose the day we had…. mysterious, colorful and crazy

All emailed invoices will be cancelled tomorrow if not paid.

Do you have leggings that Canada Goose Parka would buy canada goose jacket fit at 18 month old?

6 new TC arrived today!! Already posted them to the pictures on this

My phone is going into the repair shop tonight and all day ❤

If you recently claimed leggings please let me know if you need them shipped or will be picking Lesley Ann Goodgasell, Kristen Lehman, Amy Amy Canada Goose Coats On Sale Orr Followell, Courtney Boyce, Keaona Lynn

Finally was able to meet up with canada goose black friday sale these fabulous ladies canada goose clearance sale today!! So happy I

Searching for some Mommy & Me sets for my
Girly: TC & S/M
All Boy: TC & L/XL

Sry my kid doesn’t have a shirt They wanted to model their new I debated on letting my son wear these cause he’s a

A huge thanks to everyone canada goose store who drove out to the open house tonight! We have one more on the schedule for this
Would you consider holding a pop up leggings open house canada goose clearance at your place? We’d love to talk to you about bringing these great leggings to

I decided I’m calling these leggings ‘Tadpoles in the Lily Pond’. Do you see the little ‘tadpoles’ hiding every so often? #me&mysis

We have many SOLID colors in both canada goose deals OS and TC including the much sought after BLACK!

I have leggings for: Lori Bohannon Haan (Navy Ellie’s), Kristen Lehman, Canada Goose Jackets Kerri Grooten Baker, Brynn Marie Kiel, Nicole Westra, Lesley Ann Goodgasell, Miranda Meeker, Elizabeth Ann Brizendine, Shannon Jacobs, Emily canada goose Rose Sample, Star Jones, Becky Brand, Courtney Boyce, Susan Lierman Caswell

I still have leggings reserved for the above

Due to popular demand I’ll be at the house today from 5:30-6:30 ish for pick ups and quick peeks…. 6780 Gleason St Kalamazoo 49048

Provided I haven’t missed anyone all invoices have been sent to everyone that needs items shipped :). Please let me know if you didn’t get

Dawn Ray Thomas I can not thank you enough! Lina loves her leggings and they STAY UP!!! I am constantly telling her to pull up her pants with other leggings as she is in the stage of growth where one size is too small and the other too

Dawn Ray Thomas they need to make boxer briefs with this material so the guys understand why we love them so much!! 😉

Brittany Brittany Renee Stone Please check your messages 🙂

Who is ready for another pop up open house?? Come and see our new leggings and take advantage of special pricing!!

When: Tuesday, March 28th and Friday, March 31st
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Where: 6780 Gleason St, Kalamazoo 49048

Please share and invite canada goose coats on sale your canada goose replica friends!!

Loving my flowery new leggings – spring has sprung! #me&mysis

I seriously cannot get enough of these! I love them and the bright

Can we stop by before 5:30 tonight? I get out at 5:00 and it’s on my way home

Would it be okay if I stopped by in about 30 mins and picked up my Canada Goose Online order from last night?

Keeping it simple today in solid black leggings and burgundy top ❤

Enjoyed a day off work hanging out with my sister and our

Thinking about having another open house this Thursday

Live sale canadian goose jacket Sunday, April 2nd!!! Beginning at 5 pm right here on our

Making my capris work for me on this canada goose coats dreary April day!

My husband just asked me if you had any Camo leggings? He actually WANTS me to buy MORE!!!! LOVE HIM!

I ran into a Canada Goose sale woman at Wal-Mart that was raving about these

ALERT!! ALERT!! This is NOT a drill!! The parents are coming home!! The parents are coming home!!

That being said this Thursday will be the LAST BIG OPEN HOUSE that we have scheduled!! THIS IS IT! Now is the time to come and take advantage of our great deals!

When: Thursday, April 6th
Time: 5 pm – 8 pm
Where: 6780 Gleason, Kalamazoo homesite canada goose outlet https://www.topparka.ca , Canada Goose Outlet MI 49048

5 BRAND NEW Leggings arrived Canada Goose online today and will be available for purchase!! Whoop Whoop!!

Thanks for all your support as we continue on this legging adventure! 🙂

Happy Wet Wednesday friends — Just a reminder we are having our last, currently scheduled open house tomorrow, April 6 from 5-8
Also, we have a poll on our page for live

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by our recent open houses, told others about the leggings and shared our ❤.

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